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About our Academy

The School of the Polish Language operates in Lublin. Its strengths are as follows:

Courses tailored to students’ needs
The School offers courses at various levels. You can start your experience with the Polish Language or continue it. We offer classes with various degrees of intensity and language mastery.
Flexible dates of classes
The schools is open from 8 am to 8 pm.
It is a student who chooses the length of a course, dates of classes and duration of classes.
Professionalism and efficiency
Classes are run by the staff that has a 10-year experience in teaching the Polish Language to foreigners.
You do not have to wait long to see the first results of your attending a course in our School. The knowledge and skills that you get can be instantly used in everyday life situations.
Teaching method: Polish in Polish
This method allows you to get familiar with the Polish Language from the very beginning of your learning, and brings excellent results.
Nice atmosphere
Nice atmosphere contributes to exploring knowledge of the Polish Language grammar and learning about the Polish culture.
Learning Polish in the School of the Polish Language is a real pleasure and great fun.


  • individual classes
  • classes in a group– maximum 5-person groups
  • intensive courses – classes 5 times a week
  • polish in business, in medicine, etc.
Price list
  • 1 hour of individual classes – PLN 50.00
  • There is a possibility to negotiate prices depending on the length and intensity of a course.


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